Dear Former Guy Friend,

Are you thinking about me now?
Do you miss me now?
Do you realize everything you could have had?
Do you realize everything you fucked up on?
Lucky for me… I found someone who is understanding and amazing and caring and selfless. Someone who TRULY loves me.
You? Ha. You never wanted me. I was your play thing. Something to make you feel better.
I guess, in a sense, I used you too. But I actually genuinely felt something for you. You never did. You just strung me along as if you did.
I love how after all this time, now you are going through my FB and liking my status’s. Why do I still have you on there? Good time to delete. I guess I was hoping we would fix things. But you stayed a total douche.
Today, When I went out it was pretty chilly. I was cold. I couldn’t find my boyfriend’s sweatshirt. I popped open the trunk. Only jacket in my car? Yours. I chose to freeze.
I need to drop your shit off on your porch. ASAP.